Friday, July 22, 2011

Working Out Gentleness

I just finished my 4th lesson at the driving school. I can only say that learning to drive is making me a better person; hopefully a gentle Joy will emerge. Vivacious, spontaneous and fun-loving are words that describe me. Gentle, deliberate and careful do not. And yet it's in me- I know because Gentleness is a fruit of God's Holy Spirit who dwells in me. I just need to work it out.

Now my instructor has acquired a litany, a string of reminders he chants daily that goes something like this- "Don't forget your foot on the accelerator. Remember to clutch down fully. Joy, concentrate. Don't accelerate too much Joy! Change the gears gently. Don't turn your steering so sharply. Don't throw your foot off the clutch, remove it gradually..."

Sigh. It is well.

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